MBCAnet enables our customers to access their accounts and make payments via the internet at anytime, from anywhere.

Features & Benefits

  • Hassle-free banking – Customers do their Banking at their own time from the comforts of their offices and/or homes. Therefore no banking time limitations.
  • Saves time– less reliance on physical visit to the branches.
  • Enhanced security – access to accounts is restricted to only the authorised individuals
  • MBCAnet is available 24/7 for client access. Therefore no banking time limitations.
  • Less paperwork and cash handling

Signing up

Before you can use internet banking, you will need a profile number, and a password.

Profile number & password

If you are already a MBCA client, the next step is to apply for Internet banking (MBCAnet banking), to get a profile and get your temporary password, from our Internet banking consultants. If you are not yet a Nedbank client, you will first need to apply for a MBCA cheque or savings account at your nearest branch, and then apply for MBCAnet banking.


Once your internet banking profile and temporary password has been activated, you will be prompted to create a unique password, known only by you. Your password consists of between 8 and 20 alphanumeric characters.


MBCA takes security seriously. We ensure that you are the only person enabled to access your funds (or someone specifically authorised by you in the case of a business or corporate account). Please take the same precautions as you would with cash and cheques.

  • Your profile number and password are as important as your signature, so never divulge your profile number and password number to anyone.
  • The Bank will never send you an email or contact you telephonically to request your personal banking information.
  • Log off from the banking facility whenever you leave it or have finished banking.
  • Read the terms and conditions carefully before you complete the application form.

Logging on

To log on to MBCAnet you need:

  • User ID
  • a profile number
  • a password