We believe that everyone is unique and our loans are tailored for you as an individual.

Not only does our personal loan offering cater for your every need, it is also tailored to fit your pocket. Be assured that we've got your back, with financial assistance that ensures your loan is what you can afford.

Features & Benefits

  • Loan top up option available after at least 9months of loan repayments
  • Interest rate=WACF (weighted average cost of funds) + margin
  • Arrangement fees-5%

What do I need?

  • Copy of Identification particulars
  • Passport size photo
  • Current Payslip
  • Proof of Residence, bring any of the following documents;
    • ZESA/Water/TelOne Bills
    • Letter from employers
    • Affidavits from landlords
    • Third party home owner certificates
    • Letters from schools, chiefs and headmen
    • Referral letters from Senior Bank Officials
    • Letter from practising Accountant, existing bank customer, practising Doctor, practising Lawyer, Government arm

Please visit your nearest MBCA branch and speak to a banker who will help you with your loan and qualification requirements.

Financial assistance that is tailored to fit your pocket