Enjoy service excellence with the Nedbank Zimbabwe Savings Account that ensures convenient transactions and interest benefits.

It is our business to help you grow your money and we know how. Enjoy service excellence with the Nedbank Zimbabwe Savings Account that ensures convenient transactions and interest benefits.

Features & Benefits

  • The high interest that is earned is credited to your account monthly.
  • The more you save above your minimum account balance, the more interest you stand to earn on a monthly basis.
  • Your account can be linked to a Nedbank Zimbabwe Debit Card that is usable on all ZIMSWITCH branded ATMs and Point of Sale machines nationwide.
  • You can receive your salary into the savings account.
  • You can link your Personal Savings account to Internet Banking
  • You can receive SMS alerts whenever there is a debit or credit on your account.
  • No monthly account maintenance fees.
  • Minimum balance to be maintained in the account.
  • Tiered interest rate structure.
  • Interest is earned on daily cleared credit balance.
  • You can link your savings account to your current account.

What do I need?

  • Copy of Identification particulars
  • Passport size photo
  • Current Payslip
  • Proof of Residence, bring any of the following documents;
    • ZESA/Water/TelOne Bills
    • Letter from employers
    • Affidavits from landlords
    • Third party home owner certificates
    • Letters from schools, chiefs and headmen
    • Referral letters from Senior Bank Officials
    • Letter from practising Accountant, existing bank customer, practising Doctor, practising Lawyer, Government arm


A secure way of saving funds at market related rates